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How is billing handled?

For annual contracts, clients pay a monthly charge for concierge service. For individual tenant/resident services, Capitol Concierge accepts major credit cards for payments.

What geographic areas does Capitol Concierge service?

While Capitol Concierge is based in Washington, DC, our business is always growing. We are continuously expanding throughout the U.S., and several of our services can be handled remotely from any area of the country. The best way to find out if Capitol Concierge can meet your needs is to contact us today.

Should I tip my Capitol Concierge?

Gratuity is neither expected nor accepted.

How can I submit a request?

We encourage you to visit with your concierge in person, over the phone or by email to make a request. However, for convenience, or if you do not have our concierge at your property, you may also submit a request through our online system by clicking here.

How does Capitol Concierge ensure confidentiality?

Capitol Concierge guarantees confidentiality and discretion in all that we do. We take necessary precautions to ensure that our clients' information is safeguarded and protected. Capitol Concierge does not share and / or sell names or information. We screen our employees and expect that they adhere to the Capitol Concierge standard of confidentiality and discretion.

How far in advance must I submit my order?

As soon as you know what you need, let us know. We'll take the worry out of scheduling, coordinating and follow up.

May I place an order to be handled in another state?

Yes, we can generally handle your request.

Still have questions? Contact us today for more information.