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The Capitol Concierge philosophy is simple: we do anything and everything it takes to ensure that our clients receive the best possible SERVICE. At Capitol Concierge, we believe that each and every one of our clients is a VIP and should be treated as such. Here, best-in-class customer SERVICE is not only our passion, it is our standard.

Why Us?

Why use a concierge service? And why choose Capitol Concierge?

Studies have shown that concierge services provide a wide array of profitable benefits for developers, property owners and managers, and companies, including enhanced tenant, resident and employee retention, reduced absenteeism and increased productivity, marketability and a competitive edge. But the greatest rewards of a concierge service are often intangible. While it's hard to measure the benefit of a warm welcome and smile at the desk, reduced stress and peace of mind, they are inarguably valuable in today's hectic world.

While managing client requests is a primary duty of a concierge— the willingness to always go the extra mile is what distinguishes a Capitol Concierge. We go beyond fulfilling client orders with the white-glove treatment—we think about what our clients need before they think of it. We anticipate, prepare and deliver. We do whatever it takes to ease our clients' busy schedules and help them make the most out of their day—and we do it all with a smile. Best-in-class customer SERVICE is not only our passion, it is our standard. So, please, tell us what you need and Consider It Done!

Our Story

Literally built from the ground up, Capitol Concierge began as a one-woman show in the basement office of a Northern Virginia home in 1987. The company was purchased by President and CEO Lynda Ellis in 2007, and since then we've reached new heights of success. Our trademark commitment to SERVICE and customer satisfaction has allowed Capitol Concierge to flourish, and we now employ over 350 concierges who service more than 100,000 people. While we began by servicing leading businesses in the Greater Washington area, our service area is continuously expanding nationwide.